A BIG Announcement!!

Remember back to 1980-90’s when so much health news was about heart disease?  New diets, exercise regimens, and prevention warnings were all the rage.  Fast forward to today and a shifted emphasis.  The brain is our new frontier.  There is so much we do not know about the most important organ of our bodies!  We now understand many factors, including our lifestyle behaviors, contribute to a healthy brain.

MemoryMinders was founded to help all of us learn and apply strategies leading to brain, mind and memory wellness.  There is no one magic pill, technique or thing we can do to maintain or maximize our brains.  When asked about the ‘next best thing” for memory, I don’t recommend any one thing–because brain wellness is about many things.  MemoryMinders services strive to assist our clients and the public to understand the latest lifestyle application strategies to take charge of their wellness.

Brain training games and programs available via technology are popping up all over.  These programs and games serve a need, typically for those not experiencing memory issues and comfortable with technology.  But for those already having memory issues, learning the computer or doing a game on an electronic device may be too complex.  Or even those who have no issues and are computer literate, they may just prefer to do things on paper.  MemoryMinders now as a new service for these individuals!MM_Academy_logo_side

I am proud to announce the launch of MemoryMinders Academy!

This email-based service will serve two sets of individuals:

  • Those who are already experiencing early memory issues but still want to be proactive in their memory wellness
  • Those not having issues yet, but want to push themselves with additional challenges.

Here’s how it will work…

Academy Subscribers will receive:

  1. Weekly Academy Emails containing two original MemoryMinders mental fitness activities based on a challenge level they choose. These activities are meant to be printed and worked on over the course of the week. The next week, they’ll receive the answer keys and two new activities.  Also included are exclusive coaching and strategies to practice each week.
  2. Weekly Blog post with the latest MemoryMinders updates, research, and tips on mind and memory wellness.
  3. Monthly MemoryMinders Moments Newsletter (a subscriber exclusive) highlighting the best of the blog, memory trends and fun ideas for challenging your brain!

One of the great things is current or former members of MemoryMinders programs can participate in this!  It will include new and different content from previous/ongoing program sessions.

You won’t want to miss this new innovative service to stimulate your mind and memory!  For details and introductory pricing, click here for the MemoryMinders Academy Page.

As we continue to learn more about the brain and memory wellness, MemoryMinders will continue to evolve.  I look forward to the addition of how MemoryMinders Academy can serve you and/or those you love!

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