Exercise both Mind & Body for Brain Health

Talking to people of all ages about memory, I hear one common question-“how can I have a better memory?” Much attention is being given to achieving ultimate memory as we age.  New research continues to clarify that not just one but multiple efforts are needed to produce distinct brain benefits. In a recent study, researchers … Read more

A Link between Depression & Dementia

Ever feel down or know someone displaying potential depression symptoms?  Take notice because increasing depressive symptoms in older adults could potentially represent an early stage of dementia, according to a long term study.  As we age, different life changes can trigger new or ongoing feelings of depression.  Maybe a loved one has been feeling down … Read more

Don't Fear; Spring into Wellness!

It’s one of the scariest things about aging:  losing control of your memory.  Especially for those who thrive on being on top of things, dementia is their biggest fear.  This fear is fueling development of many new and interesting approaches to aging. It currently impacts everything from living options to smart phones apps.  While there is … Read more

How our Diet May Lead to Alzheimer's Disease

I love a good cheeseburger. But how apt am I to dig in if it means Alzheimer’s or another disease later in life? An American or Western diet is a poor choice for many reasons.  It can lead to obesity, diabetes, vascular disease and even cognitive decline. A recent study sheds light on how and … Read more

Seniors & Technology? Absolutely!

We don’t necessarily think of 80 or 90 years olds easily using technology. But there’s no reason they can’t with just a few adaptations. They just need to learn how to speak the language. Computer technology for anyone over the age of 45 does not come naturally. It’s not intuitive since we weren’t exposed to … Read more

How to Live Longer & Better

Want to live happier and longer after retirement?  Stay socially active.  Seems simple, but a new study lends credence to this somewhat obvious statement. When young and working we naturally are social with others. But when retirement comes, we have less social contact which can lead to lower quality of life or earlier death. A … Read more