Mental Cobwebs

Ever feel like you have mental cobwebs, like your brain is dusty, overloaded or can’t think straight?  You can’t remember like you used to, you’ve experienced “baby” or “chemo brain”, you aren’t sleeping well or maybe your brain is just working so hard it’s stressed.  Numerous things affect our brain and how we think. Whatever the … Read more

Organize for your Brain

In order to remember something most of us would choose to write it down.  But where you write it down makes a difference. How many times have we all written something important down on a random slip of paper, only to lose the random slip of paper-ughh! Being organized in your physical world can help … Read more

Your Amazing Brain

Did you know that your brain truly is the nerve or control center of all that you do?  You brain has over 100 billion nerve cells called neurons and uses 20% of the oxygen and fuel your blood carries.  If you are thinking really hard, it can use up to 50%!  All of this is contained … Read more

Remember to Pay Attention

Many people ask me how they can remember things better: names, appointments, what happened yesterday.  This is what I do, I help people remember and sustain their memories. I tell them to pay attention, it’s as simple and as difficult as that.  Memory techniques, strategies and lifestyle changes are all beneficial and I can tell … Read more