Brain Boosters Book

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Memory changes as we age, but it doesn't have to decline. Remembering names, appointments, or even why we walked in a room are daily memory moments. If your memory isn’t as sharp as it was or you want to maintain memory fitness, then Brain Boosters: Memory Techniques and Mental Fitness for Adults is for you.

This self-study workbook has

  • Education on memory, lifestyle choices, & habits
  • Memory tips, techniques, and wellness strategies
  • 200+ mental fitness activities designed to reinforce the memory education.

If you're ready to learn helpful habits, useful memory tips and strategies, and gain access to scores of mental fitness activities, then click below to buy Brain Boosters!

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If you or a loved one is experiencing:

  • Increased Forgetfulness
  • Word Finding Issues
  • Trouble Remembering Appointments, Names, or Routine Things
  • Lack of Attention/Ability to Focus
  • Withdrawal from Usual Activities/Interests

then memory may be an issue and this workbook can help.

There are things we can do to boost our brains and memory wellness. This research based book is built on years of educating both proactive adults and those with early-stage memory issues wanting to enhance memory. The habits, tips, techniques, and mental fitness activities in Brain Boosters: Memory Techniques and Mental Fitness for Adults is for any adult over 40 looking to boost their memory wellness, including those with Mild Cognitive Impairment (MCI) or early-stage memory diagnoses.

This workbook can literally help any adult enhance their daily memory. Whether you’re looking to boost your aging brain or enhance memory wellness and quality of life with memory issues, this book WILL help.

Check out these reviews of Brain Boosters:

  • "This book is life changing!"
  • "Just what our family needed...after my father's dementia diagnosis"
  • "Practical tools"
  • "A wonderful resource...every adult  can benefit from this book!"
  • "As a Parkinson's patient , this resource is a must! The book is both educational and practical."

With over thirty years of nursing experience, I am passionate about memory wellness. After years in the cardiac and neuro clinical setting, I cared for my mom and later my dad, both with forms of dementia. I founded MemoryMinders in 2010 to provide needed resources for those with memory issues and their families. After decades of group and 1:1 memory programs, speaking, and creating curriculum, I’m happy to offer this self-study workbook on memory to help any adult!  ~Jill Hoven RN