Don’t Hit the Snooze Button

We all do it. Hit the snooze button at least once instead of rising with our alarm. It’s a mechanism many of us use to grab just a few more moments of sleep. While we may drift off for a few seconds, more often we lie in a semi-conscious fog, simply not wanting to get … Read more

Super Habits

Did you watch the Super Bowl? I am always impressed with the athleticism of some of the players. Their agility, strength, and speed inspire. But it doesn’t just happen. Years of practice, repetition and habits lead to the athleticism culminating in Super Bowl moments. Super habits contributed to super moments. Becoming more physically fit is … Read more

The ART of Being SMART

Whether we call them resolutions, goals, or a new year to-do list-it’s about wanting to do new things in a new year. But change can be difficult. This saying summed it up for me this week- “if nothing changes, nothing changes.” So, if we want to accomplish something new, something must change, difficult or not. … Read more