Don’t Hit the Snooze Button

We all do it. Hit the snooze button at least once instead of rising with our alarm. It’s a mechanism many of us use to grab just a few more moments of sleep. While we may drift off for a few seconds, more often we lie in a semi-conscious fog, simply not wanting to get … Read more

Remembering in the Holiday Season

Started planning yet? Thanksgiving lists have begun, invitations are out and I’m knee deep in recipe testing. Now that it’s November and our jack-o-lanterns have turned to mush, the holidays are officially upon us. That typically means more gatherings with friends, family, and new or old acquaintances. It also means having to remember so much … Read more

Why Healthy Habits Matter

Habits keep us on track-they help us maintain routine, make things easier and even help us remember better. But when bad habits invade our lives, they can be difficult to change. One of the most important habits we can control that impacts our body and mind wellness is our eating habits. Lately, mine haven’t been … Read more

Remember to Exercise!

How do you like to exercise? Some like a fitness class with the socialization and direction it provides. Others like a more solitary pursuit. Some are more flexible in their approach while others have a firm schedule they follow. Regardless of how you do it, it’s important to remember to exercise. There’s a wealth of … Read more

Your Future Brain Will Thank You!

We don’t think about exercising our brains as much as our bodies, but we should. In order to age well, we not only need to take care of our bodies, but also pay attention to maintaining our brains, too. Studies have shown those who stay mentally engaged retain cognitive function longer than those who don’t … Read more

Make Everyday Moments Memorable

Birthdays, anniversaries, and other circled dates on the calendar remind us of past memories and those yet to be made. Among the routine of every day, special dates give us something to look forward to, to anticipate; a time to make memorable moments. But let’s also not forget how memorable everyday moments can be as … Read more