Choose to Remember

Life is made up of choices. One after the other, every day, all day, we make choices whether we realize it or not. Not doing something is also a choice. We either choose TO DO or NOT to do something. Either way it’s a choice. All these decisions can be overwhelming and daunting, especially as we age. Our choices matter, so how do we choose wisely?

By keeping what’s important in perspective.

If we want to make wise choices for our memory and brain, we need to keep what we value in perspective. What’s important to you as you age? Is it a healthy body, mind, and spirit? Are your relationships important, your work, faith, and/or your legacy? What we deem important is where we focus. To make wise choices, we need to keep what we value at the heart of all of them.

Making choices involve many different parts of our brain, particularly the frontal lobe. Decisions can become more difficult due to our aging brains but also from our daily lifestyle choices. Making memories, remembering what we want to when we want to, and making decisions can all be made a bit easier by how we live. Our everyday choices have an impact on our memory and overall brain wellness.

Maybe it’s because I’m seeing children turn into adults in front of my eyes or watching loved ones and clients age, but I want all my choices to reflect what matters most. I want to remember well and want those I care for to remember well too. Life is short, so let’s make our choices count. Let’s create an environment to make memories in all our fleeting moments.

Summer memories are often some of our most treasured. Our choices, whether made quickly or after thoughtful deliberation stitch together the fabric of our memories. So let’s choose to start here, today and this summer. Let’s make this a Summer to Remember by consciously choosing what’s important to us and for us.

To dive into making this a Summer to Remember, we must understand our lifestyle choices made multiple times daily impact our overall and also our memory wellness. Choosing wisely includes managing what and how we think, what we eat, how much we move our bodies, and understanding how to focus and use our memory well. These and other topics will be the focus of our blog for the summer.

To begin, let’s all take a moment in the next week to identify what’s truly important and the memories we’d like to create this summer and in the future. Write down what’s important to you and make a list of memories you’d like to create. This may take planning either to initiate or to get ourselves ready to make a memory. Choices stem from what we value, so let’s identify what’s valuable for each of us. Beginning next week, we’ll dig into a new topic impacting our memory wellness each week to truly put ourselves in the best position to make this a Summer to Remember!

Join me on social media by sharing what you value and want you’d like to capture this summer by using the hashtag #SummerToRemember. Let’s focus on what’s important and dive into a Summer to Remember!

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