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It’s almost here, can you feel it? Maybe it’s something we aren’t happy about…the impending loss of a loved one, or an unwanted life change. Or maybe it’s new and exciting…a wedding, graduation, or move into the future we’ve been anticipating and planning. Often the waiting and build up can be full of worry, eagerness, and frustration, but one thing life always brings is memories.

How to make and keep memories in each of these anticipated moments can be lost in the experience itself. Often big events can happen so fast or are so full of emotion we miss making memories in the moment. Let’s not miss these memories, because it’s these little and big moments of life that make each of us unique. Even if all you’re anticipating is a relaxing summer, let’s not miss any of our upcoming memorable moments. Let’s instead make it a Summer to Remember!

On the blog this summer, we’ll discuss all those moments that may be coming (or even some that may have already passed) and how to remember them well. It will truly be a Summer to Remember! We are all at different stages of life. Some of us have aging parents or spouses, growing and busy children, or both! But we all have aging brains and memories, too. It’s my goal to encourage all of us, no matter our stage of life, to capture and remember our moments well.

But I would love your help, too!

Please give me some feedback on what you need and would find most beneficial from our #SummerToRemember blog series. Reply to this email or leave a comment on how we could help you the most. Some ideas are:

  • What bothers you the most about your or a loved one’s memory?
  • What additional resources could you use to make it a summer to remember?
  • What memory encouragement do you wish for?
  • Any other ideas on how we can assist you in making your moments memorable?

Life is full of moments. Some are mundane and routine. But even in the small moments of life, we can garner nuggets of memories. Even more important are the big, anticipated moments we want to hold onto. I look forward to sharing some simple strategies and encouragement in the next few months to cause us all to make it a summer to remember. Please chime in here with a comment or reply, on Twitter, or Facebook with how we can make it most beneficial for you.

Let’s grab hold of all our memories, make them truly memorable and a #SummerToRemember!

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