Fall Memory Makeover!

I’m so bad at remembering names. This came from a thirty-something mom but she echoes complaints I hear from so many: old and young, male and female. None of us are immune from memory concerns.

Older adults are more susceptible to age related memory loss, which can be improved with various methods and lifestyle changes, advocated here at MemoryMinders. Even those in the early stages of degenerative diseases can learn memory wellness strategies to manage and enjoy prolonged quality of life. This is the focus of all of our services.

But ALL of us can benefit from some improvement in our memory wellness, no matter our age.

It frustrates us when we cannot remember something small, let alone the important. This happens to everyone, even me. Last week alone, I met over 30 new people. I will never remember all their names or information without using certain strategies. The difference between my thirty-year-old friend and I is how we manage our memories.

These common memory complaints from all walks of life inspired me to create our new blog series beginning today running through the end of the year. The majority of us have some area of our memory we wish we could improve. So instead of complaining, let’s take action.

It’s time for a Memory Makeover![tweetthis]It’s time for a #MemoryMakeover! Join in & attack those #memory frustrations! #wellness[/tweetthis]

Each month until December will have a theme and each week of the month we’ll highlight a similar element related to the themes. All of this will ideally assist us all to improve our own unique memory issues. Let’s get started!

September’s Memory Makeover theme is Goal Creation! We’ll create goals for our unique memory frustrations to makeover this fall.  October’s theme will be Organization towards our goals, November we’ll work on Execution of our goals and December will be a time for Celebration!

So are you ready for a Memory Makeover? Let’s create our goals!

My thirty-year-old friend can’t remember names; I periodically have trouble remembering all my tasks or list items. What’s your biggest memory frustration? Your complaint is where to start creating goals for this memory makeover.

Identify what bothers you, then ask what would improvement of the frustration manifest as in real life? This is your memory makeover goal. It’s important to pick only one or two goals to maximize concentration and effort. Here’s an example:

Frustration: Not remembering names

Goal: Recall more new (or known) names of people. Ideally, we want to create measurable goals. But in this circumstance, it may be just an increased comfort in the method of remembering names and then putting that into practice with the end result of remembering more names. Be as specific and realistic as you can.

No makeover happens without work. Let’s put some effort into our memory wellness this fall. Each week, we’ll have a bit of homework. This week it’s simple and the cornerstone of your makeover:

Utilizing your memory frustrations, create one or two memory goals to achieve in our Fall Memory Makeover.

Join me each week and please share your goal(s) and progress with a comment here, on Facebook or Twitter. Let’s encourage each other and enhance our quality of life with the Fall Memory Makeover!




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  1. Hurrah! You have selected one of my weakest areas-memory! I am going to work on remembering names and being able to complete a sentence (a thought) without assistance.

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