Focus on the Important

It’s the first and the most important element to remembering anything. It’s not only my daily mantra, but the inital step of education, learning, and yes, remembering. It’s Focus.

This month, each week we’ll focus on an area of our lives we can control toward our memory wellness. Making behavioral changes and instituting new habits are no easy tasks. They also cannot happen if we don’t focus.

In today’s world, our attention spans are dwindling fast. I see it in myself, my friends and family, and clients. We are bombarded by so much information, options, and opportunities, it’s at times overwhelming. Often, the pure onslaught of our lives limit, split and deteriorate our attention.

So my message is simple: Pay attention and focus on what’s important.

Soon we’ll commemorate our country’s birth with parades, picnics, and time away from the routine to pause to celebrate our independence.  Let’s start a new habit this week and everyday: let’s ensure we focus on what’s important to us.

Photo by Jakob Owens on Unsplash

Let’s not get so caught up in what others deem imperative that we miss the joy and beauty in our everyday lives. Let’s not miss making memorable moments by giving into distractions, multitasking or being all things to all people.

It’s summer! Time to slow down, pay attention and focus on the important. Now that’s definitely worth celebrating!




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