How to Boost your Brain

Ever walk into a room and wonder why? Or try to recall a name you’ve known for decades when it suddenly escapes you? Wish you had tools and techniques along with lifestyle shifts that could help with these and other memory moments? This is the essence of how to boost your brain included in my new book, Brain Boosters.

My AHA Moment

I remember exactly where I was when I read about brain plasticity. I was sitting in my sunny wicker chair, thinking about starting a memory program. It was an AHA moment! Years earlier in nursing school, we were taught brain cells were static. Essentially, our memories died as our brain cells did. But research in the last thirty years has debunked that myth and when I learned of brain plasticity (the ability to change, adapt, and grow new cells), it was a game changer.

Previous to my aha moment, I had been approached with an intriguing idea to begin a local memory program. I was looking for a way to help others with memory issues after losing my mom who experienced short term memory problems before she passed away. Brain plasticity was an emerging concept I wish I had known more about while my mom was alive. This fueled my desire to then begin MemoryMinders Wellness Services.

Fast forward many years in which I’ve been teaching these concepts along with memory techniques and strategies to adults with and without memory loss. Along the way, I developed mental fitness activities and puzzles to complement and reinforce the concepts for my clients. But I wanted to reach more people than only those in my local community. This is why I created my new book, Brain Boosters.

Each chapter has a simple summary of these concepts, memory techniques, and lifestyle choices that can impact memory wellness. Additionally, there are over 200 mental fitness puzzles to reinforce the information! (Repetition IS one of the best memory techniques!) Brain Boosters is essentially a self-study in memory wellness for anyone desiring to enhance their memory and boost their brainpower.

So, if you are looking how to boost your brain, look no further than Brain Boosters. Hundreds of people have benefitted from the information and activities included in the book, with both felt and documented memory enhancement noted. Give it a try and see if you can make more memorable moments with Brain Boosters!


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