Just Pay Attention!

I’m sorry, what did you say? How many times do we say (or even think) this daily? Maybe we tried to listen but couldn’t hear well. Maybe we wanted to focus but got distracted. It doesn’t matter what the reason was, the point is we need to just pay attention.

In our #MemoryMakeover series continuation, we’ll review a critical memory tip. This month’s theme of creating our #MemoryMakeover goals leads us to the crucial tip to focus and pay attention.

It’s as easy and difficult as that: just focus on what is bothering you and what you’d like to achieve for your memory goals. Pay attention to the stress points of your memory. This is where your goals will originate, but it’s also how you can help your overall memory.

Just focus and pay attention.

Easy, right?

It truly is a simple concept. Anything worth remembering is worth giving it our full attention. So why can’t we focus our attention long enough to remember? The answers vary.

Sometimes, it’s difficult to pay attention because our senses are changing. We can’t see, hear, smell or taste like we once could. Our senses deteriorate as we age, so let’s pay attention and seek help with hearing aids or glasses when appropriate. It not only helps our sight or hearing but also our memory because we can more clearly pay attention.

Other times, we are distracted. In this world of instant answers and multitasking, we want to do too much simultaneously. Our brains work best when we unitask and this is much more important as we age. We just can’t multitask like we could with younger brains. So let’s just stop.

Instead, let’s:

  • Prioritize and focus on the task at hand
  • Minimize distractions by unitasking
  • Redirect our attention if we feel it wandering
  • Assist our senses as needed with assistive devices, better lighting, moving closer to who’s speaking, or alleviating background noise if possible.
  • Take an interest in who we’re with by being fully present

Let’s focus in on what we’re doing, who we’re with and what’s important. Want to set great goals for your #MemoryMakeover? Want to remember more names, appointments or what you did yesterday? Focus.

Leave a comment or join me on Facebook to let me know how you redirect your attention to help your memory this week! I’d love to encourage you!

Just pay attention in each moment and take the first crucial step toward a healthier memory!




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