Our Memory is our Identity

Our memory is our identity.  How we view the world and ourselves is wrapped up in our memories of people and things in our past which lead us forward.  This is why I am so passionate about memory wellness. If we cannot recall something or someone in our lives, we lose a little bit of ourselves along the way.

MemoryMinders came to be because of various people in my life who had experienced memory issues for differing reasons.  Their lives and experiences impacted my life.  I saw first-hand how memory can be impacted by many variables in this life.  MemoryMinders strives to apply the latest research, ideas and concepts to promote memory wellness in all services we provide.

This blog will highlight some of the ideas, new research, updates and underlying principles of MemoryMinders.  I will expand on them here in a way I cannot do on the website pages.  Please sign up to receive these updates directly into your mailbox so you can stay informed!

Sharing is Caring