Reasons to Celebrate!

It’s December and time to celebrate! Christmas and the holidays bring a sense of merriment and we usually find any reason to celebrate. It’s the same here as we wrap up our #MemoryMakeover this month. Let’s celebrate!

Hopefully you’ve made progress toward your overall memory goals set back in September. But even if they aren’t accomplished fully, let’s still celebrate the process.  We’ve learned how to set goals, create and hone our habits for organization and execution, and set our focus. We understand how to get better organized and what tools can help us along the way. Progress was made by taking the first steps and then continuing to move forward. We also made sure to finish well. So this month we are going to celebrate what we’ve learned, understand where we still need to go and celebrate the victories-even if smaller than expected.

So this post and your #MemoryMakeover homework are short and sweet: Celebrate what you’ve learned and done well and also identify what still needs to be accomplished.

We should never stop learning and reaching for our goals. But it’s also healthy to take a few moments occasionally to celebrate our lives and all the small and big accomplishments of  them. Any movement toward goals is still movement. So while you’re celebrating all the holidays have to offer this month, also stop to celebrate your #MemoryMakeover so far!

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