Remember to Exercise!

How do you like to exercise? Some like a fitness class with the socialization and direction it provides. Others like a more solitary pursuit. Some are more flexible in their approach while others have a firm schedule they follow. Regardless of how you do it, it’s important to remember to exercise.

There’s a wealth of information on the impact of exercise on our minds and memories as well as the obvious impact it has on our overall wellness. Those with a variety of neurological diseases and impairments find exercise increases strength, improves endurance, and minimizes symptoms. Individuals with memory concerns find it can improve overall memory as well as physical function as they age.

There’s really no reason to delay, it’s time to make exercise a priority in our lives starting now! When we remember to exercise we assist our bodies and minds to age as well as possible. The sooner we do it and make it a daily habit, the better we’ll feel and function now and in the future.

Exercise Tips

Here a few tips to help us all remember to exercise with our own goals this #SummerToRemember:

  1. Get outside! Often exercising outside doesn’t feel like exercise, more like fun!
  2. Make it a habit. Go for a walk every morning or evening, join a regular class, schedule it into your calendar-whatever you need to do to make it a habit.
  3. Use what’s available. We don’t need special equipment to exercise-walk, do strength exercises with soup cans or your own body weight, or swim at the local pool.
  4. Get cleared and if necessary, seek professional help. If you have any medical or health issues, get the okay from your doctor to begin a new exercise regimen. If you haven’t exercised in a while or just want to have a professional get you started, seek help from a physical therapist or licensed trainer. It’ll get you started off well on your exercise habit!
  5. Listen to your body. As expected, new exercises will make us sore as we use our muscles in different ways. But extreme or continued pain, inflammation or weakness are signs to rest and/or see your doctor if not improved with rest.

Let’s remember to exercise our bodies this #SummerToRemember. It will help our bodies, our brains, our memory and all those summer memories we’re making!

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