Sharpen your Saw!

The evening chill, crunch of the leaves, pumpkin spice everywhere and the Packers in full swing all scream October. I’m excited we’re jumping into our second month of the Fall #MemoryMakeover series. Now that we’ve created our goals, adjusted or created habits to help and redirected our focus, it’s time to get organized!

Continuing to focus on our unique goals for this Memory Makeover, a key component is organization. Some of us thrive on organization and others cringe, but no matter where our comfort lies, getting and staying organized can assist with any memory goal.

The more organized and prepared we are, the less there is to remember. It’s a simple concept. But often, we either ignore this step or dig right into what we want or need to do and skip it altogether. If we’d just take a moment to organize all the thoughts, items to do, or names we’re trying to remember, it’d be much simpler. Yet we don’t.

Recently I heard a great analogy which applies here. There was a man sawing away at a giant log and his progress was painfully slow. Another man observed for a moment, then asked why he didn’t take a moment to sharpen his saw? The first man said he was way too busy sawing to do that! Yes, sharpening his saw would’ve taken a moment away from the sawing, but it would’ve saved an enormous amount of time and effort.

This is what organization does-saves not only our precious moments, but also energy and frustration.[tweetthis]Don’t miss this key component to remembering ANYTHING! #memory #wellness #MemoryMakeover [/tweetthis]

Say your #MemoryMakeover goal is to remember people’s names better. Do you have paper and pen or an alternate way to preserve that name? Many people try to remember things without applying a simple technique such as writing it down. I highly recommend to all my clients: just write it down!

A simple pad of paper or electronic device to take notes can be a lifesaver. Once written, transpose those notes to a centralized system where you’ll know where to look for the info later. Yet, the little thing of grabbing paper and pen trips us up.#MemoryMakeover

Any issue can be made easier by taking a moment (or two) to get organized. Once it’s done, the system is in place and it can assist each time it’s needed toward your goal(s). Appointments, to-do lists, and projects? Write them down, organize however it best makes sense and then it’s much simpler to both remember and execute.

Some people thrive on paper organizational planners and files. Others want everything electronically. Personally I do both based on what the item is. We all need to organize in a way that makes sense for our lives and individual goals. Taking a few moments to get organized, clears away worry, stress and frustration.

This month we’ll highlight different organizational habits, tips, research and more. Your homework for this week is simple:

how can you sharpen your saw and get organized to assist toward your memory goal?

Don’t be overwhelmed! Let’s clear the clutter, sharpen our saws and get organized. Taking a few moments to sort, categorize, write it down or logically file it away can be an integral component to our #MemoryMakeover success.

Time to maximize our moments and get organized!



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