Holiday Memory Tips

The holidays bring their own certain kind of stress. For a person experiencing memory issues and those who love them, it can ramp up to unforeseen levels. This stress only increases memory problems and the correlating domino effect that creates. Caregivers feel it too, even more so than their loved ones at times. Loving and … Read more

Caring for Yourself While Caring for Others

In honor of National Family Caregivers month wrapping up this week, I’m revisiting portions of a post I originally published here a few years ago. I’ve learned even more since then and have included those additional insights. Family care giving is close to my heart as it’s been one of my roles a number of … Read more

The Impact of Sneaky Stress

It sneaks up like a preying lion and suddenly hits. Out of nowhere we bark at our loved ones with short tempers. Or even more subtle, it simmers slowly as we gradually gain weight and/or lose sleep, our thoughts and interest in things we once loved. Stress takes a toll on us physically and mentally … Read more

Celebrating with Dementia

If you know or love someone experiencing dementia symptoms for any reason, you’ve had to make many tough decisions. When to have them stop driving, manage finances, and live alone are some of the biggest. But it’s also the myriad of small day to day decisions which also impact everyone involved. How we handle these … Read more

Navigating Life's Surprises

One, two, three-SURPRISE! Have you ever been surprised?  In one way or another, we have all been surprised. It may not have been a fun party with all of our friends; instead maybe it was a surprise diagnosis, bad news or unwanted life change. How we react to and also help those with memory loss … Read more