Friends Help Us Age Well

Especially during the holiday season  but also generally, we continually make memorable moments. But who would you rather make those moments with-friends or family? Many of us may wish to spend a little more of our moments with friends than our family and now we know why. Research suggests close friendships may be a stronger … Read more

Reasons to Celebrate!

It’s December and time to celebrate! Christmas and the holidays bring a sense of merriment and we usually find any reason to celebrate. It’s the same here as we wrap up our #MemoryMakeover this month. Let’s celebrate! Hopefully you’ve made progress toward your overall memory goals set back in September. But even if they aren’t … Read more

Fuel for your Fire

The log cracks as it’s plopped on the glowing embers emitting a welcoming warmth. It’s that time of year and I’ve already curled up by the fire a few times already this fall, have you? While a crackling fire is totally enjoyable as is, let’s not just sit there zoning out to mindless TV, let’s … Read more

A Motivational Habit

Excuses, procrastination and plain dislike create roadblocks to our goals. These reasons are often why we don’t do what we know we should do. But there’s another even more important reason-motivation. As we explore this month’s theme of execution in our #MemoryMakover, it’s important to look at the why behind the what. So far, we’ve … Read more