Tuning In

Did you see how light it was this evening? Can you smell Spring in the air? The breeze feels warmer as I listen to the birds sweetly sing. Spring has sprung and bombards us with new and often welcome sensations, but only if we are tuning in and pay attention. The first evening after daylight … Read more

Sensory Attention

The crisp air, the cool breeze blowing through the trees and the frosty dew of morning all are signals that autumn has finally settled in. I blinked over the last few weeks and the leaves seemingly turned color overnight. The humidity of late summer quickly shifted to the briskness of October. I always make the … Read more

A #SummerToRemember Indeed!

Winds are shifting, leaves are beginning to fall and school bells are ringing. These telltale end of summer signs may make us feel sad about the end of one season and the beginning of another. But if you’ve participated in our #SummerToRemember series, it’s my hope you have plenty of memories to draw upon as … Read more

Unforgettable Moments

The air is thick with moisture and we sense it’s coming. Clouds build, the smell of rain envelopes, sunlight dims, and the flags are whipped by the wind. Thunder cracks and lightning flashes as we run for the nearest escape from the sideways water pelting our skin. The storm descends before we reach shelter and … Read more