The gift of thankfulness

It’s finally here!  No, not the snow that falls this time of year, but the beginning of the holiday season.  Thanksgiving typically marks the start, although it certainly seems as if it’s already begun with holiday advertising in full swing.  Most of the retail world can’t capitalize on Thanksgiving, so they skip over it to the holidays in general.  But let us not skip over Thanksgiving.  Let’s linger here, pausing for reflection and a breath before the busyness of the holidays.thankfulness

Whether your holiday includes 2 or 20, make it special by remembering what and for whom you are thankful.  Some have a tradition of sharing what they are thankful for before the feast begins.  Let’s not be too eager to eat, watch football or catch a pre-Black Friday sale that we neglect our thoughts of thankfulness.

For many of us, the holidays can bring a renewed sense of loss as we miss those no longer with us.  It may cause pain or regret and not thanksgiving.  But when we choose to see our lives and moments as a glass half full and not half empty, we not only look forward to the good in life, but also help our mind and memory.

A positive outlook has been associated with improved memory, overall perception of life and is a key indicator in successful aging. Negative thoughts lead to stress and all its physical and emotional implications as well as worsen depressive symptoms.

Let’s not allow our burdens to overshadow our blessings.

Choose to see each day as a gift.  Upon waking, I try to dwell first on my blessings and practice thankfulness before thinking of the duties or stresses of the day.  When I do this, my attitude shifts and I see the day, my responsibilities and the people around me as a gift.

Begin this Thanksgiving to practice an attitude of gratitude each day.  See if it changes your outlook towards the holiday season or your life in general.  Not only will you be impacting your holidays and the people around you, but you will be improving your outlook and overall wellness.  What a wonderful beginning to a thankful holiday season!

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