The Music of our Memory

The music begins, memories flood in and we’re transported back in time. Just listening to a song from our past can take us to a specific place, time and feeling. It’s as though it just happened. The connection between music and our brains is profound. We all experience it; research confirms it and now music is assisting people with memory loss and other conditions.Blue note

Music has long been employed to excite, calm and encourage people since our earliest times. King David in the Bible played and listened to music for multiple purposes. From athletes preparing for the big game, a surgeon desiring a relaxed operating room or companies advertising with it, music has many uses. We collectively and individually utilize music to worship, heal, soothe, stimulate and remember.

MemoryMinders encourages participation in various music related activities as a form of mental fitness, a stress reducer and relaxation technique. We can also apply music to remember when we associate an event, person or feeling with music. I personally find music so valuable in many applications each day.

We can help ourselves with music but also our loved ones as well. Anyone remember making a mix tape for someone you cared about? These days it’s called a playlist. It’s a list of favorite songs created for various reasons. I have playlists for all sorts of purposes-exercise, relaxation, holidays and vacations to name a few. Music provides the soundtrack of our lives. It can benefit anyone-even someone with memory issues.

A nationally recognized program, Music & Memory has been assisting those with memory issues and other conditions find joy and memories again through music. This program can now be accessed for Ozaukee county residents living at home through the Dementia Friendly Ozaukee County workgroup. If interested in how you or a loved one can participate in the program, click for further details or contact Kathy Glaser at (262) 284-8120.

Let’s all include music in our daily lives to assist our brains and memories. Play an instrument, sing or learn new songs to stimulate your brain and help you remember. Use music and make your moments memorable!

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