The Present of our Presence

How can some people remember details so vividly and others cannot? It all comes down to our ‘memory trait’ and new research shows this memory trait or style may have an impact on how and how well we remember.  This research among others, delves into new areas being studied to one day help in identifying and even preventing various memory loss types.  But until that time comes, one thing we can all do is make our memories the best way we know how:  by being fully present.

When I look back at the best memories I have, especially of the holidays, it’s about the little things. Spending time with loved ones, doing the mundane and keeping the meaningful little traditions for our family and friends are my fondest recollections.

Memories are about moments. They aren’t about the big plan, although often a plan is needed, especially around the holidays.  But once those plans are made, it’s about being present and letting the time go where it leads.

Don’t miss or mess up the memory by being too strict about the plan.Present of our Presence

This is sometimes hard for me as I’m a planner. But life is short and memories will be made regardless of my big plan.  So organize to spend time with those you care about this holiday season.  But once you’re together, enjoy the time and don’t be strict about the plan.  Make the most of your moments with those who mean the most to you. Give the gift of your full presence.

These moments are what we remember, no matter how we remember it.

Have a blessed holiday season, full of memories old and new. I will resume #MindfulMonday blog posts in 2016, taking some time away to make memories with those who mean the most to me.  Stay positive this holiday season, remembering to make all your moments memorable!

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