Your Amazing Brain

Did you know that your brain truly is the nerve or control center of all that you do?  You brain has over 100 billion nerve cells called neurons and uses 20% of the oxygen and fuel your blood carries.  If you are thinking really hard, it can use up to 50%!  All of this is contained in a 3 pound complex organ in your head!

When you stop and think about all that our brains are responsible for from breathing and heart rate to processing the world around us and planning complex decisions, it truly is amazing.  So why do we take it for granted?

The longer I serve people with their memory wellness and am aware of all the things that impact my brain; I want to nurture it even more.  There are some basic things we all can do to keep our brains healthy.

Here are a few basic tips on loving and taking care of your amazing brain.  We’ll discuss these more in depth in upcoming posts.Take care of Brain -mm

  • Exercise your body and brain daily!
  • Eat a well-balanced, diet full of dark fruits and vegetables.
  • Get adequate and consistent sleep nightly.
  • Be positive and manage your stress.

These are just a few of the lifestyle habits that can help anyone’s brain.  Sign up and receive further tips and updates delivered directly to your email box!   Please feel free to contact me for details or for more information on how MemoryMinders can help you with your mind and memory wellness.

You brain truly is amazing-pay attention to it, nurture it and see how your overall wellness improves!

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