Written Reminders

Do you write everything down like I do? I take notes on many things, even things others think are odd. Recently my son laughed at all my note taking. Youth makes us feel like we can remember everything. Age makes us feel like we can’t remember anything. So I take notes. But as I shared this week with one of my groups, it’s where you take notes or write things down that matters.

I love a good sticky note. I use them often for anything from quick notes to highlights in a book. But too many sticky notes causes chaos. Another love of mine is planners, notebooks, and organizers oh my! The other day in the craft store, my daughter had to pull me away from all the cool new planners. But just like the sticky notes, too much is a bad thing.

These last few weeks, I’ve really been trying to organize and plan better. One of those habits I’ll be filling you in on soon. But in the process, somehow I now have five to six calendars-I’ve lost count. They are for different things, but it’s too much. I must consolidate. Same with the sticky notes. Too many make me ignore them all. One or two strategically placed, stand out.

I use sticky notes for temporary reminders, not continual habits. It’s a placeholder to remind me of something in the near future. All the errands to do in one day-on a sticky note with me to the car then tossed in the garage trash before I even come in the house. One last thing to remember as I’m leaving the house-stuck to my wallet/phone then discarded.

The main things to remember go in one centralized location on one main calendar and one main to-do list. My multiple calendars are cool, but can get confusing if important info is forgotten on one.  Having multiple sticky notes with multiple tasks to remember will eventually lead me to forget.

I’m a firm believer in if you want to remember it-write it down. Writing things down is an important memory technique. Let’s just make sure we are using our written reminders to our greatest benefit.[tweetthis]Use written reminders well and help your #memory! See how here [/tweetthis]




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