Favorite Family Brain Games

Many have asked, so here it is…my list of  favorite family brain games! Just in time for gift giving and/or stocking up for more family time, here are a few of my favorites. Some are easy to play alone and some need a few others to participate. Either way, these family friendly games will work your brain in a fun, often different way which is the best method to keep your brain and memory sharp. Some are less challenging, others more; some you may know, others are new, but all will engage your mind and memory!

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Word Around challenges us to see words differently, specifically in the round! Improve concentration, visual, and vocabulary skills while enjoying alone or in a group. Love this one!

Blink is a simple and fast-paced memory game. In a blink, match the cards by any number of reasons. It’s over quickly but you can go as slowly as you’d like with the young to old alike. Try it and sharpen your mental and physical reflexes!

Qbitz is one any visual or tactile learner will love! With multiple ways to play alone or with others, this game of spatial association, memory, and tactile stimulation will engage for countless hours.

Quadrillion is a colorful, tactile game that challenges us to change our perspective with increasingly difficult puzzles. Play alone or with others and work multiple areas of your brain in one entertaining game!

Jenga Tetris takes the favorite we all know and love and ramps it up a notch. Build your tower using Tetris like pieces in differing shapes to make keeping it standing that more difficult. If you love the classic, you’ll definitely love this new version!

Otrio is a supped up version of tic tac toe that will engage the whole family’s brains! Engage your strategy, critical thinking, visual and tactile brain centers with this one. Simple, addictive, and lots of fun!

My Word card game strengthens vocabulary, word building, visual, and tactile brain areas as you build words with letters and combinations of letters. Great for beginning and growing word enthusiasts of all ages!

Logic Links is my go to logic game. Play it alone or with others as you strengthen your analytical, spatial, reasoning, and focusing skills. An all time favorite for the entire family!

LCR is disguised as a party game but strengthens focus, reactions, and memory as you try to win the pot of chips. A quick, fun way to work your memory! A go to party brain game.

Kwizniac is my favorite trivia game! Challenge your long term memory, focus, listening, and verbal brain centers as you guess from a series of descending clues. Takes trivia to a different level and fun for the whole family. Play the original pack or this additional one-both will keep you guessing!

Brain Builders is a fantastic choice for the budding engineer, architect, or builder but also fun for the entire family. Challenge your spatial perspective and exercise your tactile and visual brain as you build 3D creations from 2D designs. Takes building blocks to the next level!

789 I didn’t forget the number games! I prefer words but love this number/math game that is both fun and challenging. Great to practice math skills, memory, and focus while fun for everyone!

I hope you check all these out and don’t be afraid to make up your own rules after playing the suggested way. I often do, especially with my individuals and memory wellness groups. After all, challenging our brains should be engaging and fun, not difficult or stressful. Enjoy and send me your thoughts in the comments, by email, or on Facebook. I’d love to hear which are your new favorite family brain games from my list!

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