Here’s to the Memories!

Happy Anniversary! Yes, it’s our anniversary! Whether you’ve just joined our group of memory caring friends or have been here from its inception (you know who you are), it’s time to celebrate! MemoryMinders is celebrating our 7th anniversary!

A creative group project from 2011

This all began with an idea from a friend along with the encouragement and faith of a few more. MemoryMinders has grown and changed over the years but has always had one purpose: making our moments memorable. Whether it’s educating on memory wellness, sharing strategies to navigate life with memory issues or increasing awareness of the habits we can modify for a better memory, it’s all about making memorable moments.[tweetthis]Education, encouragement & tips-it’s all about making our moments memorable! #Memory #Wellness [/tweetthis]

I embarked on this journey because it spoke to me as a nurse who loves to educate and encourage but also as a daughter who wished she could have done more when vascular dementia struck. I wish I would’ve known then what I know now… But while one door closed, another opened and here we are going on our 8th year of sharing memory wellness!

How we do things may have changed over the years, but the mission never has. We strive to provide the latest research, techniques, encouragement, and insight available to help us all have healthier minds and memories. This plays out in all our programming, community presentations, and weekly blog posts.

Playing brain games on the Longest Day 2016

So many factors impact mind and memory wellness that at times, it can be overwhelming. But one simple fact remains. We only have so many moments in this life-let’s make them memorable.

So, regardless if you’re new to our little tribe or have been here from day one, buckle up! Watch for new changes coming to the blog, the Academy subscriptions, our products and services, social media posts and even more fun rolling out soon!

Above all, thank you. Your caring, thoughtful comments, encouragement and feedback over the years has kept us all at MemoryMinders motivated to learn more and step outside our comfort zones to bring you all of this. We look forward to continuing to improve your experience and help us all journey toward more memorable moments!

Here’s to even more memory wellness in the future. Feel free to celebrate with some dark chocolate while playing a challenging brain game with friends or family!





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2 thoughts on “Here’s to the Memories!”

  1. Congratulations, Jill! How wonderful to hear of your experiences to talk at conferences, etc. You are a help to so many — and were a great help to me and Bob in the early days. Even though we couldn’t stop the progress, we did what we could – – AT THAT MOMENT — to perhaps make his life a little more meaningful for him. If nothing else, it was good for him to have CONTACT with others who cared about him — and that’s what it is all about when you are involved with someone with dementia or Alzheimer’s. I don’t know what Bob may or may not be thinking, but I hope he knows that someone loves him very dearly. I think he does know that because he holds my hand, squeezes it, and sometimes rubs my arm. Thanks again for all you’ve done for us and are continuing to do for others. Isn’t it neat how the Lord works!

    • Thanks Rita! I am so thankful to you for all your support and encouragement over the years. We loved having Bob in the program back in the early days and I’m happy we could help him make his moments more meaningful and memorable. Thank you both for all you’ve meant to me and our staff over the years! Here’s to more memories to come!

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