Luck Changes Everything?

Do you believe in luck? With St. Patrick’s Day approaching, let’s discuss lucky versus grateful. Some people think luck changes everything. There’s a definite tendency to view luck as being a contributing factor in the good or bad of our lives. I’d argue instead of luck, we should shift our mindset habit to one of gratitude and determination.

I’ve seen it time and again. As people approach a major surgery, shift in their life circumstance, or unknown in life, their attitude shifts. If it shifts to or is consistently negative, that new path in life becomes more of an uphill climb. But if the obstacle is approached as an opportunity from a place of gratitude, the path becomes easier to navigate. It doesn’t mean the situation has changed, but the mindset has determined a different set of actions.

Our minds direct our actions. So, when our minds are set on being positive, no matter the circumstance, different actions ensue. If we only see the bad bumps in the road, that’s where we dwell and what we’ll act on. Shifting our minds to seeing good adjusts our actions. Positive begets positive.

Now here’s where some people think luck changes everything, but I don’t agree. I believe our mindset induces actions and our determination helps us follow through. When changes or unwanted things occur in life, we have two choices in how to react-positively or negatively. Even with the worst situation, seeing even the smallest positive will create a mindset encouraging positive actions.

We can’t always control what happens in life. But we can always control our attitude and subsequent actions to what happens. When we approach life from a mindset of gratitude, we view things differently which is reflected in our actions. Suddenly it’s not about good or bad luck, but about our purposeful actions.

We see choices as something we ‘get to’, not ‘have to’. Choosing a positive mindset, we then make positive actions even to negative circumstances. We aren’t being reactive, but proactive. It puts us in control instead of being subject to some arbitrary, uncontrollable luck.

Let’s count our blessings not our luck. Let’s make it a habit to see the positives in every situation and make choices from a place of gratitude. This mindset, not luck, truly will change everything.

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2 thoughts on “Luck Changes Everything?”

  1. I am making a copy of this blog because it “says it all”. Thank you so much for this so meaningful explanation of what really counts in directing our lives to a “positive”. I so look forward to your Monday inspirations.

    Warm regards,
    Rocille McConnell

    • YAY! Thanks Rocille-that means so much to me! Here’s to counting our blessings more than relying on luck!

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