A Deeper Form of Wellness

Making Moments Memorable is not only the MemoryMinders tag line but also why it exists. We all have a finite number of moments in our lives. It’s my goal to help us all make our moments the best and most memorable they can be.

MemoryMinders is dedicated to providing the latest in mind and memory wellness strategies. Yet there is clearly a connection between mind and body wellness as evidenced by increasing amounts of research.  Most of the lifestyle behaviors benefiting our minds have a strong connection to body wellness. But I also believe there is an undeniable link between mind and body wellness and also what I call soul wellness.

In my nursing career as well as personal life, I have seen a much deeper connection which drives our overall well-being. ¬†The more I understand about our amazing brain and body, the more I know there’s a connection to a higher power. ¬†Wellness isn’t just about our mind and body but also about our soul.

Soul is the true essence of oneself; it’s who we are at the core of our being. I believe this directs all of our wellness.¬†Just as we nurture and improve mind and body wellness, we also need to nurture our soul wellness.

If you are interested in how to nourish and strengthen your soul, mind and body wellness, please join me for a month-long Spring into Wellness Challenge April 18-May 14. ¬†I’ll offer tips, encouragement and strategies on mind wellness here on the MemoryMinders blog, but you’ll also receive additional posts on body wellness on Wellness Wednesday, soul wellness on Thoughtful Thursday and fun wellness tips each Spring Saturday.

When we work towards a well soul, mind and body I believe we are striving towards overall wellness. Maybe you need to challenge yourself to remember more, get healthier or dig deeper into your faith. You make the goal and I’ll offer you tips, encouragement and points to ponder.¬† Sign up and receive additional strategies, insight and fun!

Join me on the Spring Into Wellness Challenge page to learn more and sign up for the challenge.¬†¬† Let’s leap into Spring and encourage each other to make all our moments well and memorable!

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