Better Concentration and Attention

Distractions erode memory. We walk into a room and cannot remember why we’re there. We try to have better concentration and attention, then something buzzes, speaks, lights up, or invades thoughts and our focus is lost. As a society our attention span has shrunk to mere moments. No wonder we can’t remember; we can’t even pay attention!

Our increasing reliance on instant gratification coupled with the speed of information available contributes to our feeling distracted. While information and our access to it multiplies, our ability to process it diminishes as we age. If we don’t do something the gap will only widen, heightening our sense of forgetfulness.

While there isn’t one magical cure to increase attention span, there are a few things that may help. But like any thing else in life, we have to just do it!

Six ways to enhance and focus attention:

  • Exercise. The increased brain perfusion, oxygen and release of endorphins all contribute to better attention span.  All these assist our frontal lobes to make better decisions by enhancing and creating connections between brain cells. It also makes us feel better and increases our ability to focus and concentrate.
  • Minimize The Excess. Sounds simple but hard to do at times. When possible, remove any or all competing thoughts, noises, or other sensory distractions while trying to pay attention. The less vying for our attention, the easier it is for us to focus.
  • Drink water. Our cells, including those in our brains, are comprised mostly of water. Thus maintaining adequate hydration is key for our brain cells to function properly and at their peak. If you’re thirsty, your cells are already dehydrated! Keep your brain (and other cells) functioning well by staying hydrated.
  • Pick your time. When possible, manage when you are trying to concentrate and do your most difficult work. It’s much easier to concentrate when our brains are fresh and for most people this is in the morning. Everyone is different however, so pay attention to your best time of day, then use it well.
  • Sleep well. There’s a reason most people are sharpest in the morning. Adequate sleep allows the the brain to  organize and refresh, thus making mornings often the most productive and easiest time to concentrate. Sleep is one of the best things we can do for our brains, don’t neglect this!
  • Motivate! This may be the most important one of all. If we really are motivated, concentrated focus comes easier. Yes all of the above will help but motivation remains the biggest factor in increasing or enhancing our attention. When motivated, we can often temporarily fight through some of the other issues, but if we can’t get motivated, it’s much more difficult to concentrate.

Those other day I was trying to concentrate on a simple thing and was amazed at how easily my mind kept wandering. There was no real distraction except my own meandering mind. Once I finally found the correct motivation, I could focus my attention. It worked for me, give it a try yourself!

Life moves fast, so let’s work on better concentration and attention with the lifestyle factors of consistent exercise, hydration, time management, quality sleep and the proper motivation. Doing this will not only increase our attention and minimize distractions, but also allow us to make all our moments memorable!

For more help in making these changes into habits, check out my online course here!

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  1. I just got back from going out of the room and forgetting why I left it ! thanks for the suggestions. I know they will be helpful.

    • Yes, it happens frequently, doesn’t it. Hoping to stay present and focused! Thanks, Kathleen!

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