Love your Memory!

Love is in the air with Valentine’s Day just around the corner. How will you celebrate? My suggestion is to eat some brain healthy dark chocolate and then use valuable memory techniques to ensure your day is memorable!

I can’t tell you how many people (myself included sometimes) have memory frustrations. In reality, many of us know what we need to do to help our memory, but we just don’t do it. Why?

For young moms, executives, sandwich generation middle-agers or older seniors, the reasons vary but the result is the same: discontent with our memory. For younger folks, frequently it’s about doing too much. We have to (or think we have to) do many things, often at once. We’re so busy that we can’t possibly remember everything and lament our bad memory. When stressed and trying to remember, many times we’ll keep plodding on, thinking it will improve when this or that happens. But this or that rarely occurs and we end up doing way too much and not remembering what we should.

If this is you, the answer is clear. Love your memory enough to let go of something and/or use techniques to help manage your memory.

For older seniors it’s not about doing too much but about not remembering as much or as fast as we want. For this the answer is similar: allow yourself some extra time and use memory techniques to help. Notice the common theme of utilizing memory techniques?

If we use memory techniques on the things we absolutely need to remember, it WILL help. But often we just don’t. We push back and fight writing things down, focusing our attention or repeating the important. Using these and other techniques like associating or visualization, can assist us; we just need to let go of our pride and do it.

What techniques work best for you? There are many to try but you won’t know which work well until you do them. Give new techniques a whirl and really implement your old favorites to assist your memory and ease your frustration.

So as we celebrate all we love this week, let’s not forget to love our memories by using memory tips and techniques.

Don’t be frustrated with your memory-love it instead!

For detailed information or a presentation for your group on how to love your memory by using memory techniques, contact Jill at

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