Step into the Uncomfortable!

Step out of your box, your comfort zone and go beyond what’s easy. I teach and advocate this but at times find it difficult to do myself. We all prefer familiar and what doesn’t require much effort, but that WILL NOT strengthen our mind and memories. The comfy way doesn’t create the cognitive reserve which … Read more

Your Future Brain Will Thank You!

We don’t think about exercising our brains as much as our bodies, but we should. In order to age well, we not only need to take care of our bodies, but also pay attention to maintaining our brains, too. Studies have shown those who stay mentally engaged retain cognitive function longer than those who don’t … Read more

A Fresh Start

Turning the calendar to April always feels a bit like a new beginning. It’s the fourth month but in many ways, it feels like a fresh start. Spring is coming and April heralds its brilliance beautifully. New life sprouts from the earth, brighter colors flood the landscape, and animals are birthed in the fresh breezes … Read more

March Madness

The Madness of Spring has arrived! Even though the calendar says spring won’t officially arrive until tomorrow at 11:15 AM central time, weather, sports, and St. Patrick’s Day madness has already ensued. Spring is a great time to celebrate and gather with friends and family, whatever the reason. Better yet, meeting with others also benefits … Read more

Circles of Life

Geometry is not my thing but it seems life moves in circles or repeating cycles. The Earth revolves around the sun, the moon revolves around the Earth, seasons, time, and even our own habits are cyclical. Sometimes our circular life habits become so ingrained, we lose the wonder or stimulation of life, especially when memory … Read more

My Life with Parkinsons’

As we continue to shift our perspective this new year, I’m excited to share the last installment from my friends. I imagine us sitting on a bench with these interesting people and learning something new. Each one has a unique view of the world that makes me think differently. This week’s insight comes from a … Read more