Mind & Protect your Brain!

It seems fitting after watching the Big Game that we discuss new research on concussions, head injuries and their impact on our brains. The brain is the most underrated yet important organ of our bodies. When a head injury or  concussion happens, it may appear as though recovery has occurred, but often residual damage lurks … Read more

Let's Get Organized!

This January, as we continue our discussion of goals, it’s crucial to understand once we make goals, the next step is organization. Whatever your goal, making progress relies on being organized. For some of us who find great satisfaction in organization, this is an easy step. But even if this is not your strength, organization … Read more

What's your Goal?

Happy New Year! It’s 2016 and one of the first questions is “did you make a new year’s resolution?” I firmly believe in periodically reflecting, learning and moving forward with renewed energy. Whether it’s January, summer vacation, a birthday, anniversary or new school year, let’s use new beginnings to renew and regroup. I prefer the … Read more

Get Moving & Sleep Well to Live Longer!

Most of understand we should move and sleep more for better health. A new study shows it will help you live longer too. A study recently published of over 200,000 Australian people aged 45 and over concluded replacing sedentary time with more active time or even sleep resulted in a longer life span. The best … Read more

That's Why I Like Raspberries!

I knew there was a reason I like raspberry and dark chocolate! We all have heard that dark colored fruit, dark chocolate and red wine (in moderation) are good for your brain. It’s partially due to the component resveratrol that is naturally found in these foods. New research has found resveratrol may reduce the buildup … Read more

Maintain & Sustain your Brain

Focusing on brain awareness this month, let’s look at what I call the three S’s important to brain wellness:  Stress, Sleep and Socialization.  Each of these play an important role in our how well the brain functions day to day and throughout our lifetime. While we understand stress in its various forms is detrimental to … Read more