Splurge Wisely

If you had goal or resolution to eat healthier, maybe even shed a few pounds this winter you’re not alone. But as January moves to February, opportunities bombard us to indulge in not-so-great for us food. Super Bowl parties and Valentine’s Day are just a few examples. Simultaneously, our willpower may be weakening, and we … Read more

Caring for Yourself While Caring for Others

In honor of National Family Caregivers month wrapping up this week, I’m revisiting portions of a post I originally published here a few years ago. I’ve learned even more since then and have included those additional insights. Family care giving is close to my heart as it’s been one of my roles a number of … Read more

Why Healthy Habits Matter

Habits keep us on track-they help us maintain routine, make things easier and even help us remember better. But when bad habits invade our lives, they can be difficult to change. One of the most important habits we can control that impacts our body and mind wellness is our eating habits. Lately, mine haven’t been … Read more

A Fresh Start

Turning the calendar to April always feels a bit like a new beginning. It’s the fourth month but in many ways, it feels like a fresh start. Spring is coming and April heralds its brilliance beautifully. New life sprouts from the earth, brighter colors flood the landscape, and animals are birthed in the fresh breezes … Read more

Circles of Life

Geometry is not my thing but it seems life moves in circles or repeating cycles. The Earth revolves around the sun, the moon revolves around the Earth, seasons, time, and even our own habits are cyclical. Sometimes our circular life habits become so ingrained, we lose the wonder or stimulation of life, especially when memory … Read more