Beat Stress to Remember Well

It’s that time of year when political ads, calls, debates, mailings, and commentaries overload our senses along with fall colors. The upcoming elections in the United States are causing almost everyone’s stress levels to climb. Stress happens even when we don’t realize it and impacts our memories more than we think. Everyday activities like simply … Read more

Don’t Worry, Do Something!

“I’m worried about (fill in the blank of a loved one), their memory isn’t what it should be.” I hear this often and did again the other day. Many suffer more forgetful moments with age. For those of us in middle age, it can be due to increased stress or doing too many things at … Read more

A #SummerToRemember Indeed!

Winds are shifting, leaves are beginning to fall and school bells are ringing. These telltale end of summer signs may make us feel sad about the end of one season and the beginning of another. But if you’ve participated in our #SummerToRemember series, it’s my hope you have plenty of memories to draw upon as … Read more

The Impact of Sneaky Stress

It sneaks up like a preying lion and suddenly hits. Out of nowhere we bark at our loved ones with short tempers. Or even more subtle, it simmers slowly as we gradually gain weight and/or lose sleep, our thoughts and interest in things we once loved. Stress takes a toll on us physically and mentally … Read more

Celebrating with Dementia

If you know or love someone experiencing dementia symptoms for any reason, you’ve had to make many tough decisions. When to have them stop driving, manage finances, and live alone are some of the biggest. But it’s also the myriad of small day to day decisions which also impact everyone involved. How we handle these … Read more