Unforgettable Moments

The air is thick with moisture and we sense it’s coming. Clouds build, the smell of rain envelopes, sunlight dims, and the flags are whipped by the wind. Thunder cracks and lightning flashes as we run for the nearest escape from the sideways water pelting our skin. The storm descends before we reach shelter and … Read more

Remember to Exercise!

How do you like to exercise? Some like a fitness class with the socialization and direction it provides. Others like a more solitary pursuit. Some are more flexible in their approach while others have a firm schedule they follow. Regardless of how you do it, it’s important to remember to exercise. There’s a wealth of … Read more

Spark Some Memories!

It’s time to celebrate and spark some memories! My thoughts for you are short and sweet for this week since many of us are taking a bit of a break to spend with family and friends over the Independence Day Holiday this week. Take advantage of the celebrations and gatherings  this week to spark some … Read more

Your Future Brain Will Thank You!

We don’t think about exercising our brains as much as our bodies, but we should. In order to age well, we not only need to take care of our bodies, but also pay attention to maintaining our brains, too. Studies have shown those who stay mentally engaged retain cognitive function longer than those who don’t … Read more

Identify your Memory Techniques

Long summer days and nights bring fun, warmth, and many memories in the making. Capturing these memories can be as elusive as containing a firefly on a breezy, summer evening. As we continue our #SummerToRemember series, let’s identify which memory techniques are best to record all our moments. We all have our go-to memory techniques … Read more

Capture Summer Memories

It’s a year of firsts and lasts for us with two growing teens and an aging family, causing me to hold onto all those memories. Wanting to enhance my own memories and help educate others on memory issues are both part of the impetus behind our #SummerToRemember series. No matter our season of life, we … Read more