A Memorable Climb

Where are you on life’s climb? Firmly footed on the back side of the middle aged hill, I find myself thinking and pursuing, even more, those habits we all can control toward mind and body wellness. As we discussed earlier this month in our series of mind and body wellness habits, I’m focusing, stimulating my … Read more

Shining Lights in the Darkness

The darkness of Alzheimer’s and dementia can be oppressive. But it doesn’t have to be. Many lights are shining into this darkness if only we search for them. I found many lights while sharing and learning at the WI State Alzheimer’s Conference a few weeks ago from other professionals, caregivers and those with Alzheimer’s. The … Read more

Wishful Wellness Habits

What healthy habits are you proud of? These are your actual, consistent habits contributing toward overall health and wellness. Think,  grab paper and pen and write them down. Great! Now, on the same piece of paper, make another list: healthy behaviors we want to make into habits-a healthy habits wish list. These are the choices … Read more

Our Memory Backbone

Habits are the backbone of our existence. What, when, and even why we do things all have some evolution in habits. To change something in our lives, we either create a new or change an existing habit. Memory and the habits involved with it intrigue me and I’m digging into the mechanics of both this … Read more

The Perfect Gift

“It’s perfect, just what I wanted!” Have you ever squealed this in delight when receiving a gift? In that moment, it was everything you wanted and needed all rolled into one. You cherish the gift and are so thankful. Maybe you are imagining an expensive object or a special wish list item as the perfect … Read more